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Maintenance & repair

Do you have brickwork on your property that has blistered, spalled or in some way needing attention? Get in touch with us, we will repair and restore the brickwork without causing any further damage. Brickwork Pro Ltd offers colour, style matched re-pointing using lime in the mix. Brickwork Pro Ltd can do weather-struck pointing, cut and struck, flush, concave and v-jointing too.

Helical bars

Helical bars are stainless steel rods used to stitch and repair cracked brick walls. These cracks can often appear due to heavy weathering or as a result of an ageing wall. We can help repair these walls by stitching Helical Bars in to fill the existing cracks and reinforce the structure of the wall. Crack stitching is a reliable repair option and can often be completed quicker than rebuilding the existing structure.

Brickwork protection

At Brickwork Pro we can help prolong the life of your walls by protecting them against potential weather damage. We can coat your walls with a siloxane brick sealer and help create a barrier against water while still allowing your brickwork to breathe.

Structural repairs

We can perform repairs to maintain or restore the structural integrity of your walls. If your property has intricate brickwork detail, we are able to repair and restore most styles including basket weave, herringbone, over-sailing, Flemish bond, Flemish garden wall bond, English bond, English garden wall bond. After our restoration work is done, we will do our best to match it to the rest of the building.

Bricklayers in South London

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