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Maintenance & repair

When we carry out our restoration work we always try to use reclaimed materials whenever possible. We make sure the materials we use will not have a detrimental effect on the surrounding brickwork and can help protect your walls with siloxane membrane barriers to help repel water and prolong the life of your walls. We are known for achieving excellent cosmetic and structural results on all our restoration projects.

Crack stitching & repair

Often, stress and movement caused by moisture or variations in the ground can cause cracks to develop in walls. At Brickwork Pro Ltd we can help repair these walls by stitching steel rods, known as Helical Bars, into the wall to fill the cracks and reinforce the structure. Crack stitching is a reliable repair option and can often be completed quicker than rebuilding the existing structure.

Reinstatement of a retaining wall for Asda, Clapham Junction branch

We were tasked with the reinstatement of a boundary wall for a 24 hour Asda supermarket in Clapham Junction .

This job was not without it's challenges due to the fact the existing wall was propping up the gardens of five neighbouring houses as well as various outbuildings and the job was adjacent to the loading bay of the store .

We took advantage of a cold spell in the weather to excavate! The concrete stepped foundation was formed and poured using A393 mesh and 12mm reinforcement which would run through the cores of the blocks.

Concrete was poured into the cells of blocks and facing wall was built to the front. Asda said and I quote, 'The wall was completed to a very high standard with very little disruption to operations'.

Click on the gallery below to see some highlights of the construction process.

Masonry Repair Work

A substantial crack appeared in the corner of this property and the new extension due to a sinking manhole which has now been rectified by Thames Water.

We removed the corner and installed a wall starter ( a metal strip to connect two masonry walls together )

We used reclaimed London stocks to rebuild the corner and matched existing weather struck jointing (mortar still wet in pic but will dry the same colour )

We pride ourselves in repairing masonry totally in keeping with the original.

I think anyone would agree that it is hard to tell any repair has been carried out and this is our goal.

Structural Arch Repair

We undertook a structural arch repair after some alterations in a basement had caused cracking to an arch and the brickwork above.

Chimney Repair

These chimneys were in danger of collapse and we took them down brick by brick and rebuilt in original Victorian style whilst incorporating flaunching and metal cowls.

Brickwork Repair in South London

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